How to really train your staff


Do you ever train your staff below you? There is no doubt in saying that effective training can increase productivity, enhance closure rates and develop rapport with a client much quicker within the sales industry. Though 46% of managers and team leaders think they don’t adequately train their staff, and their results are sure to reflect this motion.

There are some guidelines that have been developed over the years by some pretty smart people on having to train new staff, as well as unleash the full power of anyone wanting to unleash their inner-sales-self!
Next time you’re in charge of a training or a team workshop, try these;


In 2013, Studies showed that the average person had an attention span of 8 seconds, lower than that of a goldfish. Now, this does not mean a goldfish is smarter than your average person, though that to effectively teach people something, it needs to be quick and precise. Short, quick trainings that are to-the-point will give you optimal results.

90/20/8 Rule

This refers to the average human being at their peak-energy / concentration levels at 8 minutes. After 20 minutes, neurons experience a significant drop, and at 90 minutes alertness almost completely collapses. Aim for 8 minutes trainings, and end them with an energetic buzz.


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