We use a layered process which uses a pinpoint model to uncover the best IT talent in North America.   Most companies prefer our permanent staffing solution because of its effectiveness, especially with direct hires.  Our specialization in direct hire candidates coupled with our proprietary IT database of over 300k gives us a major advantage over other agencies.



Our Contract staffing solutions are backed by our recruiting framework and commitment to delivering exceptional talent.  We are on top of today’s latest trends from enterprise architecture to technical development and project management, from high growth industry leaders to expanding Innovation divisions of multi national organizations.



Our digital marketing and advertising solution is where we provide a dedicated resource focusing on marketing services (Graphic Arts, Web Development, Social Media, CRO, PR Outreach, PPC, Content, Email) utilizing all the techniques and resources of the Pacific Hill Group.  This is a strictly onshore service that is highly effective and will significantly cut down on costs associated with more traditional marketing and advertising services.



We have been around the IT World for over 12 years and have helped some amazing companies build their teams.  From the myriad of Software Development specialties to the entire IT landscape within an organizations (yeah we have also placed executives and built global teams).    In our world a companies technical environment and its people are the foundation that allows companies to grow and thrive. We are currently one of the highest rated agencies in IT niches according to many in the industry. Furthermore, we have a client return ratio of 95% because we take modern IT recruiting to a level that very few can.


We work with the best IT Talent in the business and that is the way we want to keep it. The fact is top tier IT people at all levels are almost always passive, they do not typically post their resumes anywhere and do not often respond to job ads because they don’t have to.

We have a unique ability to bring this layer of  talent to the table. We target that 80% of the passive talent pool, instead of the 20% most other non specialized firms do.

Our recruiters have extensive technical and functional recruiting experience and they are up to date on the current matrix technologies and the stack.  We understand your needs from a very practical perspective.



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